using a dabbing kit

Dabbing Tips for Beginners

Dabbing is a popular option for consuming cannabis. When taking cannabis for medical reasons, you need to consume the required doses. Using dab rigs is the best way to take concentrated levels of cannabis. However, if you have never used a dabbing ring, then it is might be intimidating at first.

You just need to know how to know how to dab in the right way. Dabbing is not as complicated as it looks as long as you have the right tools that you need. A good dab ring is one of the most important things that you need. Here are tips on dabbing for beginners:

Choose a good dab ring


It is important to choose a good dab ring when you it comesusing a dab ring to dabbing for beginner. The type of dab ring that you use will determine your dabbing experience. Many people hate dabbing at first instance and this is due to the dab ring that they use. Choosing a dab ring with a small mouth piece will help you enjoy high intensity vapor and this is a good aspect for your vaping experience.

Hydration is important

It important to stay hydrated all the time so that you can avoid chocking. When dabbing for the first time, there are chances that the smoke might be too intense for you. You need to have water so that you can reduce the harsh fumes of the smoke. Staying hydrated will save you the embarrassment of chocking on the smoke.

Check out for doses


dabbing essentialsYou need to check out for the doses of the cannabis that you want to take as a beginner. It is important to note that the concentration when dabbing is a bit high so you need to check out for the doses. When dabbing for the first time the high doses are likely to make you high and this might affect realistic judgment. Taking low doses of cannabis is the best way to avoid getting adverse effects from the high concentration.

Relax and enjoy


When dabbing for the first time, it is important to remain relaxed throughout the process. It is fine to be anxious when dabbing for the first time but this will only make it difficult for you. You need to remain relaxed so that you can enjoy the dabbing experience. Relaxing and enjoying is the best way to enjoy dabbing in a quiet environment.