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Things To Consider Before Hiring A Shopfitting And Refurbishment Company

Shopfitting is a very effective way of attracting customers to your restaurant of any type of business. The services of shopfitting and refurbishment agencies are needed by all type and levels of commercial activities. If you own a restaurant, fast foods shop, an ice parlor or a supermarket, you need to boost your profits by having your premises done some shop fit outs and refurbishments. Most people think it is an easy job to find a company that will satisfy your needs. You need to take time to research on the best service providers in your locality. There are key tips that should not miss in your checklist. Therefore, an ideal means of finding the best shop fitting and refurbishment company is through considering the factors below, such as Boscobel Built.

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Shop layout

Before anything, make sure you evaluate your shop layout. This will help you to narrow down your options to specific companies who are able to meet your needs. For the wholly-fledged interior refurbishment, you have to consult with a reliable and qualified architect. They have the knowledge to advise you on the actual measurements, accurate plans, and creative designs. This will be your reference to the entire shop fitting renovation process. They should advise you on how to utilize the available space. A reputed architect will recommend some creative ways to make use the limited space on your premises.



Reputation is very important when looking for the right shoplifters. Try to ask your colleagues or family member for recommendations to the company that they know and has served them with satisfaction. Also, ensure that you check on their website to see what the previous clients have commented on their servicing. A reputed company has positive comments on all their social media posts. Also, the reviews on their official website should show that the clients were satisfied. If they have a bad history, just ignore them and find them about the others.

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License and certification

Among the first things to ask for when selecting a given shopfitter are the license and certificate. The license should be issued by local state building authority. It should be valid and up to date. This will help you to make sure that you are operating with a company that is legally executing their services. Also, make sure that you verify all type of licenses that are required for each task provided. The license can also help influence your insurance coverage.

Also, ask them to produce their qualification certificates. A professional shopfitter must have graduated from a well-known college and attained the points that could enable them to handle construction matters. Having ascertained that they are licensed and certified, you will be sure that you have granted the job to the right people.



Insurance is a very important factor when looking for the right shopfitters. An insurance cover is a necessity, especially when dealing such work because damages or accidents can occur when list expected. And this will be a burden on you to cater for the workers’ medical bills. It is good to hire a company that values their workers’ safety and provides them the right attire and tools for the job.


Cost of services

However much we should consider the cost, we should not be that mean to compromise quality work. Therefore, you need to set aside a reasonable amount of money because it is a profitable investment. Also, get a quotation from various companies and do the comparison.…

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