Selling your old phone fairly

You may want to do away with the old handset on buying a new one. It is important to make sure that you responsibly dispose of your old phone to avoid issues related to poorly disposed electronics. If your previous phone is in excellent condition, you may want to get a willing buyer. Choose someone who thinks that the phone is superior to the one they are using, just that they cannot afford it when new. Such a person will give you a good deal compared to a person who wants for resale. Selling second-hand phones has been taking place for a while now, getting a willing buyer is easy especially if the phone is in good condition.

Where to sell your old phone

Sell online

There are a million of marketplaces online where you can sell your old phone. Old phone models lose their value fast once a new model is introduced in the market. You will be surprised that the phone you have looses at least 5%, it’s worth immediately a new phone lands the market. If you want to sell your old phone do it as soon as possible for the best deals. It would be better if you sold them directly. Facebook classified helps you achieve that. You will be able to control everything including the prices. You might have to deal with spam and scams, but one thing for sure is there are very many people willing to buy the phone especially if it is a renowned brand. There is a marketplace where you can list your phones. Include all phone details including verification pictures. Such platforms usually have set terms and conditions.


Some retailers give gift certificates in place of payment. It is important to go through the appraisal process and get an offer in credit form towards the brand phone or any other items sold. Search for websites that offer trade-in programs as well. Credit varies depending on the age and condition of the phone. The timing and place of exchange determine the credit you will get as well.

Sell to companies

Some online companies are willing to pay for old phones if you do not want to use other methods. Before getting the quotes, there are some details you supposed to give the company. They will go through the given information before giving you their quote.…

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